12 February 2014
Timecheck: 4:15 AM

Ohaiiiii ~ I have officially revived my blog . My last post was on 17th January 2013 , which is like ..... Wow . Time flies . So I shall take this opportunity to hide no shame & say this - but my last proper post (via desktop) is actually on 16th March 2012 . Blogger app was way too convenient for comfort heheh .
Wishing all of you a Happy Chinese New Year !!! & a Happy Valentine's Day in advance too ! x

Le Spa . What is so special about this spa you may ask ? It's located in the heart of the city , providing a quick getaway from the hustle & bustle of your daily life . Not only is it conveniently accessible , it is a 24 HOUR spa !!! How often are you able to find a 24h spa ? With well-trained massage therapists + a convenient location + reasonably priced treatments + available 24/7 - what more can you ask for ?

A total spa experience is incomplete without the furnishings , ambience , service , comfort , product knowledge of the therapists , benefits of the treatments offered and perceived value by the customer .

I have tried & tested the service here - it is indeed , value for money . I felt so relaxed after my massage , with my muscles all unknotted by the skilled therapist (Apple) who was also extremely courteous & friendly . The service is a key factor in any massage experience , also forming the moment of truth . It was a good pick-me-up , especially after my workout the day before . Nothing better than a massage as a reward after working out !

As you can see , the furnishing of Le Spa is oriental-themed . With dim lighting & such classy pieces , you will definitely feel like you've "dropped your worries" at the door , upon entering the spa . Not only would you feel like you've been "transported" into another realm , out of your hectic schedule , the people there really do make you feel at home . Who wouldn't choose to unwind physically & mentally ?
Massages - why do you need them ? Massage is not just a form of pampering for oneself , it is a classic therapy that relaxes muscles , improves circulation & also stretches your connective tissue through the manipulation of muscles , skin & joints .
There are many benefits of massages: 
1) Improves lymphatic & blood circulation
2) Improves overall nutritional exchange in the body
3) Improves body's own metabolism
4) Facilitates absorption of nutrients
5) Facilities elimination of waste
6) Relieves soreness & discomfort in muscles
7) Relieves mental & physical fatigue
8) Overall sedative effect on nervous system
9) Reduces STRESS
After all that I've said , what are you waiting for !? Come down to experience a massage today !!! You can even call them NOW (whatever time you are reading this post) , because hey - they are open 24 hours ! *applause*
Le Spa (nearest MRT: Telok Ayer)
Add: 14 Gemmill Lane S(069253)
Contact: 6222 6803