17 March 2009
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Hi all , I'm back (feels the droan in myself) so much for wanting to blog it out in 3 days . The 2nd day is zomgwtfbbq 100 pictures I swear I'm about to complain so much cuz cuz cuz I have very lil patience .! The uploading was quick so my patience was fine but the arranging #^&%!* RAWRRRR I can just shoot myself in the head . I hope this post turns out fine cuz it really took so long ! Just 2 hours on uploading and arranging @_@

Anyw , today I saw a girl and I REALLY LIKED HER HAIR . I wna dye my hair that colour too . Her hair was highlighted blonde I guess and it turned out rly golden on most strands and a odd brown on the rest . She happened to sit right in front of me and the sun was shining against our direction and omgggg (I'm not les lah -.-) her hair was SO beautiful ! I swear -_- Under the sunlight , it's not black . I looked closer and it's ASH GREY . Omgggggg hot . I also wna dye my whole hair Ash grey and highlight Blonde ! The effect is va-va-voom okay ! Ha hah k this portion is just to release my ____ actually Idk what that blank stands for ==' My playlist is updated . More of an Audition playlist now LOL cuz I removed all other songs except for Insomnia ,__,

DAY 2 !Woke up early like bout 7am to catch the sunrise ! So beautiful ........... Right ? Right ! RIGHT !This was the boat to ferry ppl who wna go that that Malaysia island I forgot it's name like some Toko Tinggi Idk lah ! -.-Had breakfast at Bella Vista at 8am . Their meals is only certain timing so if you miss it , starve lah ! I mean .. Pay lor . At other restaurants .Poached eggs ;O
And as we dined , one of the poor waiter who was carrying the super heavy tray of cleared dishes ..... One of the dishes on his tray slipped on fell on my brother ! Thank god it wasn't on his head . It fell at his back , so I guess it hurts cuz the plates are pretty heavy but thankfully no injuries ! The guy was so apologetic and it was kinda like a big issue if my brother was injured . The section leader came over and asked if my brother was okay . Then the restaurant manager ;O holy mama but we are nice guests so we do not make a big hoo-ha ;x when the waiter came back (cuz he is in-charge of our area) I saw that his face was pretty black , guess he got told off very badly . I felt bad seeing that cuz I know how it feels .......... And you'd probably feel a barrier against that customer and you wouldn't dare to serve properly .__.

After breakfast we went for table napkin folding class ! LOL . I missed like half of it but it's interesting . My brother says I'm gna have to learn that soon ..... Oh dear . Then we stayed on for the wine glass class . All these are activities planned for the day and only at that certain timing so if you wna go just go to the venue ;} the wine glass class was super interesting and I learnt many new things ha hah including Lamborghini (it's a Shooter) wooo . The guy also made a cocktail and mocktail of the day . So he posed 2 questions so that he could give them both away . When it came to the mocktail quiz I got the answer but didn't dare to say . Turns out that answer was right LOL . Then an Angmoh lady won it and when the guy passed the drink to her she said "Please give to that young lady over there in hoodie" which is me lah ;O wowwww then I super chuadiok hahahah .So here is the mocktail of the day .! I went over to thank her specially . So sweet of her . After that we went up to the deck of the ship , facing the front . Omgggg the view was so breathtaking and the breeze was like helluvetica (own rubbish English ;x) superrrr shiok ar .! If got hammock there (DANIELLE I think I know what's hammock alr ;S) omg I sure lie there and not move an inch heh .Errrr all these shots I forgot where I took it . Anyw all the pictures here are a mixture of my dad's super Canon DSLR , my hp and my digi cam @_@Went to The Lido - a place for special performances to have a look see . And we'll be catching Sports Unlimited tonight .!Nice shing shing navy curtains .RED .If you can see on the 2nd level there are special seats (not the usual red ones) those are for Balcony Class . We'll be sitting there ! Weeeeees so shiok next time I go cruise I'm gna fork out abit more for privileges ;xWent to the Captain's area to see see ~Those are our Captains ;O I realised something . Most of the staff on the ship is NOT from Singapore . Like only 1 is from Singapore ? Many are from Phillippines , Indonesia , China and those kinda countries . Wow right !When my dad was helping me take this shot there was an annoying bunch of ahpeks (literally like tiko) staring and laughing with their beers in hand at The Galaxy Of The Stars . It was really hard to get this shot as there were kids playing at first . After they left tried to take but the lighting was bad . My dad was adjusting the camera settings then this irritating Angmoh guy kept staring looking at everything zzzzz . When he was finally gone , all these lao tiko . Annoying laaaa !
Lunched at The Pavillion . After that headed to explore other places . Such as the ... Library .!Acting studious HAHAH whatever .Nice view siahhhh like you sit on the edge and read a book . Super kewl !My dad and I slacking outside for awhile hehee .Went back to our room with my brother while my parents went to catch a movie . Time for their sweet sweet ;bMy brother was super annoying ask him help me take photo (since we were both bored and rotting at the balcony) then he purposely take my legs zz win liao lor -_-Idiot he take upside down LOL .The clouds chio horrrrr .Shiok seh , just simply lay back on this chair and watch the sky and feel the sea breeze . It feels so good to just take a break from reality ;x
When I was napping .... See what my brother-the-ass did to my Sailor Babo ! He learned from B -.- cuz on the day we left B was playing and squashing Sailor as we ate dinner . My brother learns oh-so-fast wthhhh zzzzzz .Went to play in the jacuzzi specially for Balcony Class .! Super shiok cuz it's indoor (grins no becoming black for me ! But I think I got slightly tanned after the slides -.-) and very lil ppl actually go in so if you're lucky ... You get it all to yourself muahah .

As I was enjoying halfway my mum said my brother was hungry so go Mediterranean Buffet International have tea ~.~ siaaaaan no more jacuzzi for me .This is the kids pool ! The slides look super fun I nv got a chance there T_T maybe cuz we didn't even know how to make ur way there -.-Actually no swimwear is allowed in any restaurant but hehee my genius swimwear skirt didn't arouse any suspicion (eh how to spell this word -.-) except that it was freaking short .Waving to my dad ~
After teabreak ..... YEAAAA ! Adult slide ! Woooo \m/ pwn the kiddo slide ;x Climbing to the top ..Lifeguard Fhil explaining to me the safety instructions .
Can you see me ! I'm at the starting of the transparent slide ;x actually got many other pictures .... but I shy lah HEH ;SMy dad's awesome photography . After countless rounds of sliding went back to room to bathe and change for dinner .! Dinner you're supposed to dress semi-formally cuz .. It's dinner lah -.- Dined at Bella Vista (I think that's the grandest restaurant amongst the 3 . Omg Mediterranean you come in last la ;S)
My dad went to take those "models" ;x
See my brother so happy LOL . He folded the 3 napkins on the right . And my dad the usual yaya-papaya but genius-ass folded the fan on the right . He was at the table napkin class (only me and my mum were late) then he say just see can do edi . LOL ~.~
After dinner ! Caught Sports Unlimited . SUPER HAWT MAN THE SHOW ARIBABA .
Ordered hot chocolate cuz I was shivering like some bozo (wth is that lawl nonsense English again) . Left halfway to toilet with mum cuz we couldn't take it any longer we ren super long and when we came back 5min l8r it ended wth sian . Then we went to Bellini to drink ! Thats how we spent our $100 credit (which you can only spend on food and drinks on the ship , don't use finish your pasar) .
Iced mocha . Yummyyy
This is B-52 if I'm not wrong . Another hard liqour drink but with 5 layers . Just that the colour is more obvious . Duno why my dad go take the stained side -.-
Actually there's another drink . The Lamborghini - which is 7 layers of hard liquor ;O it has to be poured carefully so that the layering is very obvious . It's very pretty seh ! It's all under the Shooter section . Tasted it , and hated it . LOL I rly don't fancy hard liqour but drinking cocktail is still okaaaay with me .

After that I went for my photoshoot . GIANT TEDDY ! Weeeees . Then caught The Duchess with mum . Nice show ! But the duke omg you're such a jackassssss you should go and die ;} when we came out of the cinema my dad and brother just walked past so coincidental and my brother was hungry so we went for supper at the japalang Mediterranean Buffet International ;x

As we had buffet , my dad told me something which disgusted me seriously like wtf ? There's actually a play entitled "Passion" and it's a Las Vegas styled topless show . So while my mum and me were catching The Duchess there was this group of ppl bout middle aged to aunties/uncles range sitting in front of them . My dad overheard the middle aged woman saying "Eh l8r Passion we go sit on Balcony class shiok seh" then the auntie was like "Dowan lah , sit the normal ones so when they run pass we can GRAB their breasts" . WTF right ! AUNTIE ley mind you , not uncle . Even the uncle not as tiko as her . Zzzzz never see this kinda ppl before . Is she sick / les / or just plain gross you tell me -___-;
After the supper we went to The Galaxy Of The Stars - something like 50% disco/50% dancing area . There was a band playing my parent's favourite songs so they were there listening . Then there were a few couples dancing . Amongst them my whole family spotted this really cute couple . An Ahma and Ahpek (under the red light in the above picture) . They danced like those normal swaying but the Ahpek was smiling so happily . They were probably in their 80s . Super cute laaaa and as I listened to the songs and the tune I missed B even more ...... ;[ hahahah okay the end the end wlao finally @_@ you can guess that I'm gna procrastinate longer before day 3 is up . But it will be .... Soon ! ;x Cuz the pictures less than day 2 x.x

BYE and thanks for reading ! 3 whole hours pengs . Do comment yea thks so much love !