14 March 2009
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Did anyone miss me ? I didn't sneeze on th trip ley .......... Means nobody did -__- Aw sad , whatever . I'm back , alive & kicking ! Getting my hands on the photos was not tough ........ But getting it up here is torture . There's over 300 photos , no kidding . So I'm gna blog on daily basis , day 1 , day 2 and day 3 . We only got to board the ship at 8.30pm so yup .... Kinda few pictures heh . Wait till you see day 2 & 3 zomg @_@

Anyw , you won't believe what a computer idiot I am . I reformatted my lappie , credits to my dad actually . He did everything for me , thank God . If it's in my hands I think my lappie died alr . All I had to do was to install Audi and Msn and I took bout 30 minutes trying to figure out how to install Audi -.- I kept patching it instead lawl zzz . Worst thing was the Msn , I took 2 freaking hours !! Like dots right .... I kept downloading the wrong one , it's either me or the Msn search engine was playing with my mind and I kept downloading the wrong one . Wanted to ask ppl how to find it and then there wasn't Msn so I couldn't ask zzzzz . I feel so stupid ;@ Nehmind bout that , here's day 1 for you .!
Went to temple early morning to baibai and see my hands ! Heh . Also prayed for my 2 Bs , Danielle and all my other close flenszx ;} Sweeeeee bo my access card writes balcony class (3rd class in the ship) ley ;x first time not at those low low class super happy ! And it's my first time cruising too D: it's so fun till I wna go cruise with my friends next time hehee .
Entering the ship ........ Bye B thanks for coming ;[
And upon entering the ship , free champagne was served for Balcony class ppl . Super niceee look at the infrastructure zomg prettttttty . There is a guy in front of those horses playing the piano . Shiok seh ~
The ceiling .
Some shops on top I guess .
Another ceiling .
So we sat around the lobby drinking the champagne . Relaxed awhile before going up to our room to put our stuff down . My bag was so heavy -.- finally my Secondary school Adidas bag is useful again ha hah but it was so typical , all my stuff was in that bag and it was fat . Whereas my brother carried nothing , my mother her handbag and my dad the camera bag . The 3 of them shared another log back with all their neccessities inside . Did I rly bring so many things ....... =='
Nai-jiro-ate-jiro .
The room ! Pretty squashy but it's bigger as compared to the other one my parents had the other time ! It's actually meant for 3 people but we squeezed 4 ha hah .
After unpacking abit , took our cameras and out we went to snap ~
Walked up to the deck of the ship to get all these shots . There is a golf course there lawl and ppl were stepping all over it to take pictures ~.~
Swimming poooool !

Vintage telephone ! That actually works not put there bai swee -.-
The Lido is the place we caught a show . There's special balcony class seats , see the next post k !
No matter how blacked I look I like this picture ! Cuz of the adorable bearrrrs ;S
Went for supper at Mediterranean Buffet International after the exploring and the food there was errrrrrr ........ Normal lor . That's the only place that served supper . On the cruise they supply us with 6 meals a day .!?!? Like wth 6 meals spells f.a.t to me definitely my mum and me couldn't even reach 5 meals a day -.- and as Balcony class we're entitled to $100 credit on food and drinks only ...... Was kinda hard spending it at first cuz of the meals provided alr but we thought of genius idea , next post ha hah ;x

As we were walking round the swimming pool , the jacuzzi was freaking tempting and after supper I immediately went to change hurhur and went to soak in the jacuzzi no pictures cuz forgot to take camera along but it was so niceee cuz it's at night and there's not many people .! The pool actually closes at 10pm but cuz the ship departs at 12am (I think that's the reason why) they close the pool and stuff at 12am on Wednesdays . Lucky me ! Ha hah after the jacuzzi went for a swim and boy was it cold , the changing temperature of the warm jacuzzi to the very very cold swimming pool I was shivering in there -.-

Okay that's bout it for day 1 . Stay tuned to h-appytofu ha hah (advertising uh wth o__o) for day 2 & 3 bye bye .! Plz tag meeeee my tagboard still feels dead ;l