21 March 2009
Timecheck: 11:15 PM

Back with day 3 ! Hehee at least I didn't procrastinate thaaaat long ! 4 days nia ;b right so day 3 started with ......

A "special breakfast" at The Galaxy Of The Stars . My parents were saying it's for those who are gna leave so we go lah k ............. 6.30am ley wtf ! Zz and when we reached there was like 2 humans in there !? Besides like 2 staff too ! Zzzzz and they served coffee , tea , muffins and fruits . Wthhhh special meh ! -.- And after finding out what it actually is , it's actually pre-breakfast . I rather have my sleep kthx .
Look at the poolside in the morning . The morning dew makes it so misty hah ~
Jacuzzi *sighhhhs*
They even have Swenson's ! :O
Ha hah this is just ... Nothing -_- Right so you could tell we went around to waste some time cuz breakfast started at 8.30am . Went to collect my photoshoot and I bought only 2 pictures cuz it costs a bomb ! $24 per photo leyyy then since edi pay so much so I bought the portfolio folder thingy another $12 rawr so in total $60 flew away when I got home sian .
This is the ummm .. Floor -.- of the rooms corridor .
Back to the room to get some stuff ...... Zz kena cheated of my sleep T,THAHAH this picture is very funny . Only my mum and me will know why it's like inner joke yao . There's actually 1 picture missing so you won't get the funny thing nanny nanny poo poo ;SWent for real breakfast at Bella Vista ........ The pictures above are the ripples (?) created by the boat . Taken at Bella Vista cuz apparently the restaurant is at the rear of the ship ;O
And when my dad said "Eh pass me your breakfast I want arrange" ..... I immediately knew wth he was up to . IMMEDIATELY . Do you .? Do you !



Think awhile ley ! Tsk .


Kay lah . So did you get it right ? LOL . What a happy breakfast for a happy start hurrr .
Went to find Fhil the lifeguard to take picture ! Actually when I told my parents I wanted to take picture with him it came out like this "Eh I want take picture with swimsuit guy !" then my parents like o__O lawl yah kay so I didn't think and just spoke ;x
Went around with Mummy to take some shots . She looks like she's praying ! For smth laaaah .
The nice comfy RED seats of The Galaxy Of The Stars .!
And there was a dancing class going on . I didn't manage to learn the previous day though today's lesson isn't those ballroom kinda . It was some Idk what ! So I spontaneously joined in HAHAH there's actually 2 vids my mum took . I was dancing Macarena (how to spell ar !) LOL sibei funnyyy .Went to drink Cocktail & Mocktail at Bellini again ! The best way to spend our credits .... Not like some dumb asses , make that many ;b then lunch at Bella Vista !While waiting for the food to arrive ...... I fell asleep . I just felt so dead beat . And I was even dreaming ! And the waiter was like "Boo ! Don't sleep lah kay !" then I woke up with those seh-seh eyes @_@ I know it's rude but I rly couldn't help it just dozed off ._.Banana fritters ! Nice but didn't manage to finish .
Ew I hate strawberry ice-cream .

Went back to our room to take our luggage so as to check out . Sad .... Leaving so fast edi . I rly wish it was like till midnight like the day we board ! The trip felt so short .................. Sian . Anyw , we saw the China guy went we were about to leave ! So my dad asked me to pass him the cash . I ran over to the next door he was cleaning up and passed him the money . He seemed so innocent and shy , then finally taking it and saying a rly soft "Xie xie" ha hah cuz on the 1st day he helped us make our bed (as in lay it out so we could sleep cuz 1 is a sofa bed) w/o us asking and we didn't know we thought he came over to repair our balcony light . So nice right ! ;OWas slacking at Blue Lagoon , the nearest cafe to the lobby cuz couldn't go anywhere else all the other restaurants closed at 1pm . So my dad cleared the rest of the $100 credit there by eating chicken wings LOL . I was running in and out cuz I was getting restless so I stood at the edge to enjoy the sea breeze before it was over D:
Sentosa . Reach liao lor . Sian . Then there was this bunch of toots (Abnn family ;x) they spent the $100 credit on canned drinks ! Wtffff lame siah Idk what to say either they're plain stupid or just rly stupid becuz the canned drinks there are like $5-6 each if I'm not wrong ! @_@ super dots .
Back home via 65 ha hah slept throughout the journey on my Sailor Babo ;x these are the photos (souvenirs) I/my family got . NICE NOT THE BEAR . It's super HUGE and fat and squishy and cuddly I want ley who want buy for me ;x life size heehee .

I'm done ! The end of my trip . Boohoo ;[ I wna go again ley ..... With flenzzzzx . This post took much faster maybe cuz there are lesser pictures and since it only came from my digicam hehee I need not spend so much time arranging ! Saves time heh . Time to Audi ! Adios ! ;}