19 July 2007
Timecheck: 1:54 PM

Hottie of the day : KuekKuek .!

Woots so whut if he has a rly small head .. He's got nice build , baby face and cool slang yao ~ Hahahah I like ^^V Heh hawt . Did you know that everytime we walk past 5B there , we always see him .! Aw .. Heh heh .

Today was the first time I ever woke up this late . 7.10am lei , but I made it on time to school .! Heh , pro uh . Waddahell , Junie just ask me print a picture of a ghost for him T.T Orh I printer friend now lor .. It's funny he remembers my com shuts down @11pm . But now my dad changed it to 10.30pm instead -___-

Somebody buy me the basketball machine from the arcade pleaaase .! I'll be eternally grateful . Ha right . Just need 11 more points to round 3 okays .! So many things that I wna do , so lil' time . Travelling to parkway for tuition is such a chore . Sue me , I'm just . So . Tired ..

It's so easy to put on a facade of strength everyday . But everything just bottles up in the end damn it . "What hurts the most , is being so close . And having so much to say , but watching you walk away ."