22 July 2007
Timecheck: 9:16 PM

Stupid toot friendster and blogger won't let me upload pictures .! Will upload the pictures from singyee's cousin chalet another time then ^^

Meanwhile .. Lemme blog bout yesterday . Hung out with family till 2am plus @Mr. Bean's Cafe .! Was a cool experience , but was ruined at the later part . Some freaky thing happened . Thank God for my family or I duno waddahell would have happened to me . Anyway I bought lingerie .! -grins- My current obsession heheh , how sad my mum just wouldn't let me buy any more . Heh it's rly nice ya' know ~ Gasps :O

Anyway , yup . Was about 1am plus and we were waiting at the Little India bus-stop . So I was bloody engrossed in the game and didn't realise this shiatZx heidoudou bangla staggering towards me until my mum nudged me to go to my dad's area . I only found out he was drunk after seeing the way he stagger . Bloody toot fellow . My mum and brother told me that he was calling "Girl .. Girl .." and with his hands outstretched walking towards me . Horrid shit freak . I swear I'm freaked out by him .. Sigh .

All I wanted was to make your everything alright .