26 July 2007
Timecheck: 10:28 PM

Waddahell , not blogging for a few days seems like forever . So much to say . Wonderful , tomorrow is racial harmony day and we still have classes . Worse , adding on Science remedial . Bloody toot . Chucky sucks big time can , she confiscated my earrings (the crown & 3 stars) & my orange and black earsticks .! "Oh earsticks aren't allowed in school . You should go buy proper earrings . From now on I'm gna check you daily ." Rubbish man she . Wlao the 3 stars one I rly rly like nia >:( Uggh that @#$%^&*!

Right , so now thanks to Sanche for making me help him fold hearts for his moumouren , I started to have itchy fingers and went to buy coloured straws to fold heart , stars blahblah . I taught many people okays ! Ha . Even Junie .! Hahah that noob , first time fold star damn funny . Put 6 layers on the first triangle -___- Just like kiewy . -grins- Suddenly today see people in school folding .Went tuition also got people folding . Is this trend like starting again .? Waddahell , I don't wna fold already . Boring shiatZx .. Ha .

Aiyer , so many things to blog lei . But I lazy >< Go Danielle's blog to see the past few days activities , if you wna ^^ Thks ah Bim , make me eat choco fudge sundae everyday . I wonder , when will I ever finish that icky fudge hahahah ==' Now got tons of pictures to upload . Another day then .! Ha then it'll get more and more -.- Yea uh-huh .. Oh and Joel that yay-maple pig has beginner's luck man . First time play that sadistic happytreefriends game (on my hp lahs) then get high score already . That idiot . Btw , thks ahkong for your mocha yesterday ha :]