29 July 2007
Timecheck: 4:26 PM

Went to a uber posh restaurant at Esplanade yesterday . Ranked #94 in the world's top 100 . Verrrrrry classy very niceee . The ambience is like va-va-voom with the super duper uber freaking hell cool chairs . Sexy . Next up would be restaurant #60 . Can't wait ^^VNotice the curvy cool chairs behind me . Got to see fireworks too .! Reddddddd is so hawt ~Here's pictures from RH yesterday .! So our class didn't win 100% cos some ppl never wear . Tsk tsk . And our class guys are like hungry ghosts .. Snatch all the food away like they never seen it before =='Matt the O-sama and stylo ahWong the Taijian ^^I got to take a picture with joooonie .! Yaaaay ha ^^V Skinny bamboo trying to act like a gorilla , that explains her mouth .Retarded kiewy plus the ever squabbling two .History class ppl . Imboticlubay .!Mature me & Angel .! :D
Hugs are loveeeee .Yay Tanya :D