08 July 2008
Timecheck: 11:58 PM

Didn't feel like updating . But here's the pictures from that day @Nebo party . I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee abnn I swear I swear . Bloody fucking hell screw that calling card I wna throw it away cheat my money and feelings grrrr . It's really th same ol' god damn abnn going "WHY WHY" again . Rarrrbish >8(

Some fat cat downstairs .
My cute stays-under-the-block cat . Note his sleeping position .
Leaping .!
HAHAH bishi-bashi . Zzzz now arcades also have GST ==' I really like these 2 pictures (above) .! Cooooool right . The cosplay fiesta beside the Nebo party .
Nice fan ~
Lmao . S.W.A.T was also there . I was wondering is it cosplay or is it real >.>
Orangeeee bleach hair :O
L .! Ha hah I really shrieked when I saw L coming out of the tent . But .... It wasn't this one luhs . The other L was really walking hunchback wowwww :O
SO CUTE right the facial expression .
The winning team for the anime-voice thing .
There was this girl drawing there . The drawings are nice .!
Her masterpiece . Waaaaa I wish I can draw like this D:
The "entry" to Nebo Party .
The crazy amount of $$ spent by AhNiao on the jackpot sweet machine thingy @arcade .

Done .! Projs are retardedshizt I swear I shall try to go on hiatus . Till most of it is cleared / when I can't surpress my emotions anymore till I have to blog it out .

I guess I'm v temperamental ...................... Sigh .
Sorry but I just seem to feel things aren't the same ):