18 July 2008
Timecheck: 2:09 AM

Hiiiiiii , quick (& vvvvvv. wordy) update - too many emotions kept inside . Can't actually rmb the order of events so I shall just bomb whatever I can think of now heh . Wuz so seh just now , felt like I could crash and sleep for a million years when I reached home . Projs are killing all my brain cells , and making me eat like some hungry ghost . *ah-hem* especially like Hanchuan & Shirong :x who sent "I'm watching you.....Your fish!!" lmaos :E

Rly rly shag . Once RHT & BCS is handed up on Monday (wonderful 9am -_-) , woo a lil more slack to complete OrBiangs . Good game . Upcoming would be tests again and presentations . Followed by study break and end-sem test then ...... The most highly-anticipated . HOLIDAYSZX .! Yay . Looking forward to it . Hope to get a good rest and hopefully earn some cash Imma poorshyt ;@

I can't wait for the day , where I can live throught one entire day w/o having to complain any single part of my body pain . My knee will keeeeeel me every night , w/o fail . Awesome ==' And .. I want zeh electric blue bagpack .! Though I have the red . But I have to learn to spend what's left of my pathetic cash wisely . Any suggestions - to buy or not to buy , to buy or not to buy @_@

Anyw , IntHt presentation wuz a job well done . Everybody is to be commended for the effort :D but personal opinion , I feel that Bitch and Wanyu did exceptionally well ^-^V Bitch managed to add in so many last minute words and sounded so convincing . To me , I was freaking nervous as I read I was actually shaking ==' and mumbling and making errors . Sian . I so need to build up my presentation skills . Tian ah . Wearing my flats the entire afternoon could kill my feet . Oh yes , even Ms Mariah said that "You girls are being pampered by (Bitch)." Q&A was woaaaahnelly x.x

And there was that day (either Mon or Tues) I forgot .! Bitch stepped on my toes and dragged , somehow by accident luhs . Omtians I ren and ren till ....... Yah expected what else would I do lah -_- Pain leyyyyley , and my 2 babes got a shock ><" My big toe wuzn't even painful though the whole patch of black nail polish came off . My 4 tiny toes were in "critical stage" zz touch also can pengs alr . Middle toe wuz bleeding a lil , and on the next day most were better just that the 4th toe nail if pressed = T__T

And and stoooooopid CommSklls got trial presentation (!!) Wlao as good as I go there make a fool of myself . Go up and talk on some random topic you wish too . Preparation for the group presentation . Omtians somebody save me from all these scary presentations D: even OB cher purplely make me go up present .__.ll

Lrm course manager stepping down alr . To go overseas for her children's education or something if I'm not wrong . She's so nice , gna miss her . Hope the new course manager is as friendly and approachable . Bon voyage ~~ ^-^V and today some girl told me and Wanyu off cuz we were laughing like mad in the access labs . Nobody said that the access labs were to be quiet like a library . Oh well lame ==' once we start laughing , we can't stop ! Wahah laughing gas ;}

Alright , I'm not as tired and sleepy already . Sigh , my heart feels heavy instead ): ): But I shall go rest now or tmrw I'm gna be late for my favourite Design breakfast heh ! Beach , don't be late HOR wahah . I want to go shopping ! W/o money -___-; And I want BIG Babo heehee :x

I hope you get your sufficient rest .