04 July 2008
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Presenting ................... A "ZЁТ" productions (must sound grand :x)
Tehhhh story lah dey ! *claps* ^-^V

PS: Ironic that though we have so many projs @hand , they (Karthik , Shirong , Hanchuan) were so steady to chiong it by tonight .


Disclaimer: This story is purely for laughter purposes and it’s completely fictional . It is not meant to offend anyone involved in the story so take it easy and have a good laugh .

20 years after 1K09 graduated from TP’s LRM …

The 6 useless guys in 1K09 (Clifford, Han Chuan, Shi Rong, Hugh, Jia Rui and Karthik) decided to meet for a reunion having not seen each other for a long time . They then decided to meet at the Integrated Resort in Marina Bay .

The first to arrive was Shi Rong . He reached the place riding his motorbike . Shi Rong was rather different from what he used to be 20 years ago . His hair was extremely long now and as he rode his bike , his hair would fly and he would look like a madman due to the blowing wind . In the past , he loved showing us ghost pictures . However , he can now show us his long hair covering his face (ghost) . The next to arrive was Han Chuan . He was driving a 8-seater family car which many would believe that he had a big family . After a while , Karthik arrived at the place with his Nissan Sunny . Hugh was the next to arrive . He was driving a large lorry van installed with large stereo speakers . The music as you know was meaningless gang songs . Clifford as usual , was late . However , he came in with a Ferrari that impressed every single one of us . Wait … But where is Jia Rui ??

As the 5 of us had to wait for him , and soon we heard “ting…ting” . We turned and every single one of us had a great shock . Jia Rui was riding a bicycle ! It was later known that he kept missing his driving theory lesson test as he always overslept . The tradition follows even after 20 years . That is sad isn’t it ? He will never get to even take his driving lesson , let alone try to pass it .

As the gathering continued , the 6 of them decided to give up their various careers and set up a business of their own . These gentlemens decided to open a new coffee shop together with extra facilities . It was rather weird since they had studied LRM but seems that they should have studied CSM (coffee shop management) instead . Anyway , they decided to name the shop , “The Coffee Bla Bla Bla” .

2 weeks later , “The Coffee Bla Bla Bla” was officially opened . All 6 of us except Jia Rui opened a F&B related business . Shi Rong’s The Tarik was set up and was co-founded with Hugh . Hugh helps Shi Rong with his drinks store and sells Contraband too . Han Chuan operated a Mixed Vegetable Rice store (Cai Fan) while Karthik opened his “Karhik’s Curry House” . Clifford was more interested to do something related to Ang Moh stuff hence , opened western food . As for Jia Rui , he was still rather Gina Bin and would prefer to do something more childish . He opened a store where he sells a lot of Doremon stuff and installed “UFO Catcher” which includes Doremon to Teddy Bears . The 6 of them also managed to contact the rest of the class . Daryl opened up her “Korean BBQ” , Rahman with his Nasi Padang store while Johan with his Hair Salon . Additional space was also rented to Nana for her agency . “Nana’s Ghost Whisperer (Featuring the next Jennifer Love Hewitt)” . Sylvia also got her own unique tuition centre set up beside our Coffee House .

Later , out of nowhere, suddenly loud footsteps could be heard … And it was getting nearer and the pace was rather fast ! A familiar voice was heard . “Walk faster later no space how ?” to everyone's surprise , Wan Yu was seen talking to a young girl while holding her hands tightly . And guess what ? The girl then ran towards Han Chuan and shouted “ Papa papa , Mummy and I come to support you !” Everyone was grinning . As Han Chuan was very busy , his wife then help him with his stall . Their daughter then sat quietly nearby while watching her mummy and daddy tending the stall together . How sweet right !! *aww*

Why did we decide to open the store on this certain day , some might ask . Reason is that , this day is also whereby Hugh and Pearlyn are celebrating their 1 month old child . Surprise surprise ! Han Chuan was actually busy helping them cook the Red Eggs . Soon , A Toyota Car arrives . Everyone especially Han Chuan and Shi Rong was stunned . It was Jasmine ! To think that she will really drive a Toyota …

Anyway , Jasmine went up to Clifford’s store after all the greetings to order her favorite food . When Clifford saw jasmine , his first reaction is , “SIA LA !!" Chicken chop with spaghetti was ordered . Clifford jokingly speaks his favorite phrases , “O-KAE laaaah” with his charming smile . After a while , as he was going to serve the dish to Jasmine , he said “This plate is yours …………..…………………. NOT” as he grins . After a while , the self-admitted Xing Jie came down to visit us. She started to go kaypo about where everyone lives and get really really really really really busy as she said “kuku me” each time .

Hugh got tired after a while , and found himself a seat to sleep . This time , Pearlyn arrived . Hugh said , “ Why you so long than come , I very bored leh !!" Pearlyn replied “ Sorry lah , I was at the market buying all the required stuff for your shuffling party later on after the Baby's 1 month old celebrations .” Hearing that , Hugh had no choice but to forgive her .

Sylvia soon arrives from next door . She brought along her Babo and Jeero and started hugging her clique too . Many of us were curious on what unique tuition centre she has set up . “Oh , I specialise in teaching them abbreviations such as ‘CBB’ and ‘TMD’ . Recently , I was going to teach my class what is ‘Momma Daying’ . I even published a dictionary consisting of all mah lingos and abbreviations with mixed English and Chinese language inside . It's veli veli veli good the future generation surely use wan ….” she explains .

Yvonne was the next to arrive . Astonished was the perfect word for everyone’s expression . She was dress up in cosplay and was having Sushi . Wan Yu ran up to her followed by their clique . They all started to hug again .

Then both Yan Ling(s) soon arrived . Jacelyn was actually engaged by the 6 founder for the Coffee House . Her job was to use Microsoft Excel and Dreamweaver to help account on our earnings monthly and help to promote our Coffee House online . 20 Years ago , Jacelyn stated that Chicken Rice store can earn $75,000 in 3 months . This was the target the 6 founders wanted . By engaging Jacelyn , they were hoping that her websites can help achieve the target Jacelyn once stated on her project for BCS . As for Yan , she managed to fulfill her dream . She is now the caretaker for dolphins at Sentosa . At the same time , she is also the new spokesperson for the drink ‘Pink Dolphin’ . Shi Rong being the co-owner immediately went up to Yan and asked for her to sponsors to send free ‘Pink Dolphins’ to his store . He was also hoping that Jasmine , Yan and Xing Jie will forget what he always said about them being short .

As for Nana , her agency purpose was simple . Her business was to help tell customer where each spirits / ghosts were . She even helps the Coffee House by telling every spirits / ghosts not to bother anyone visiting the Coffee House .

To be continued …

Once again, please do not be offended by this story. To those whose name was not up there, we apologize for missing you out (although I think you are glad) . The relationship between Wan Yu & Hanchuan , Pearlyn & Hugh are just created for fun .

Created by the تZЁТ©
(Shi Rong , Han Chuan , Karthik , Sylvia & Pearlyn)