29 July 2008
Timecheck: 7:51 PM

Quick updates ! Schl is driving me crazeeee . Countless things to be done , one after another . Simply ........ Irritating . I want money ! I wna online shop and buy so many things . But I promised my mama I won't online shop again . Cuz 2 items that I bought online the thing wasn't in good condition loh . SIAN . But heehee :x

Don't wna blog about unhappy stuffs for now . So hmm ..

Thkq my dear hunney & babe (in advance) ! So paiseh & so touched . Hunney offered to buy me the electric blue bagpack ! The convo between us was hilarious ._. Waaaaaaa and when I went Bugis ytd I saw !! So many types of different colour block layered skirt . Zomg got 1 even have fairy imprinted on it on those translucent hanky material . 1 word , pretty . Then Wanyu babe offered to buy for me . Lmao . And I didn't bug you girls for presents kae .! :x Is you all keep saying Aug got nothing HAHAH . Love you girls for always being there . Yay Saturday *excited*

Okae end . Still got many things to do . Schlwork sucks . I still can't control my emotions waddahell T,T

So write the letters in teary ink .