04 July 2008
Timecheck: 11:52 PM

TMDDDDDDDDDDD this is utterly insane . Streeeess ah @__@ we're teenagers , not superheroes . 4 projs in 2 weeks ? CRAZY . But that's what we all gotta do . Tonnes of surveys collations heaps of reports lotsa meetings time constraint daily and heavy workload = stress stress hell yea that pretty sums it up . Wow so this is what they call "time management" , right . Sue them .

AhNiao you must be soooooo grateful to me rightttttt . Stayed with you for so long that my sleep (!!) from 1h 40min cut till 20min == You better say yes HOR or tmrw you dieeeeeee hehheh muahah >8D

Pictures from that day , y' know that day .! When she came my house -_- Okae , please please let my mummy's swollen (burning hot) ankle heal NAO , amen . It hurts , to see her limping . Let the swelling go down down down down ):

At times like this I can't help but carry a heavy heart with me . Add in negative perspectives . I'm alr trying not to . But no matter what , I won't give up . I don't wna let go of you ......... Ever .
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words can shatter the soul