12 July 2008
Timecheck: 1:18 AM

WELCOME BACK TO SG you cheeeena fatassssssss ;}

I know Hc's gna come and say "It's arse , not ass" in thaaaaat slang . Lmaoszx . Heehee I felt like sucha kuku today the 1st thing I did wuz to run over , grinning like a looney and pinch his (lost-weight) but still chubby cheeks ha hah ha awww so cuteee :x

I think I'm gna become some bald shiz soon . Every.time I wash my hair ohhhhmytian heart pain when I see the many strands of hair I drop T__T sobssssss . This post is an exception laaaaah . I want new legs I hateeee my knees >8'(

And to hell with projs I rly don't have the confidence that it'd be finished on time . Or maybe finished but substandard work ? Omtians what is wrong with this schl -_-;

Okae bye .! Gna cut my hair tmrw . Please please let it not turn out a disaster amennnn . Bout dying/highlighting . Will still consider . Suggestions are appreciated ~ (^-^)V