22 July 2008
Timecheck: 10:51 PM

What a painful day @_@

Woke up @8am cuz I couldn't take it any longer as I was tossing around in bed . Due to my ridiculous tummy pain . It felt like 30% of what I experienced during gastric . But it was bad enough to make me go #$%!& And even after gg toilet ........... It hurt even more -_- Pulling my insides and twisting it wpiang . Until now it's still hurting . Duno if I should have told my mama so I can get mc heh . Anyw alr over . Pleeeease go away you stupid irritating painnnnn I wna have a good sleep tonight ley ley ley ley ;[

CommSklls mock test wuz retard lah . I think this Sat the End-Sem test thingy buang alr . Good game ==' I just pray I don't fail any subj for this sem I die die don't wna take sub paper damnit .

I feel so damn busyyyyy all these frustrations are starting to pop out waddahell . Poly is crazy , like suddenly damn hectic neh . Siaaaaaan . And , I won't get to see B as often liao . Saddening ......... Very . Hais . Back to proj & revision aka my no life kinda life x.x

I feel so problematic T-T