24 July 2008
Timecheck: 11:43 PM

Yesterday . I wuz giddy the whole damn day . What is thissssss I never fucking get to not complain pain for even one pathetic day . Giddy till even when I layed on the table and shut my eyes the whole class could still spin . Good game ==' Thks Wanyu for your shoulder during OrBiangs lec . Somehow when I sat up straight I felt so giddy but on her shoulders I didn't feel a thing hee ><"

Today . Wtf my tummy pain strikes back . Now also pain . Sibei lameeeee ley tmd I'm so sick of this )8< hais . And thks my 3 sweeties (Von , Wanyu , Yan) for your comfort during RHT lec . Loves . I think I have unlimited access to water zz . I tried so hard to control my emotions but blardeeeehell I still failed T-T Econs cher gave us some snacks during tutorial , thks cher ~

Tmrw , another formal presentation . Rarrrrs retard and it's only worth like 3% I heard .!? I feel so hopeless in my studies now . I totally catch no balls in RHT , Econs and BCS theory . Good game . Let's see how I pass End-Sem . CommSklls exam this saturday . Pengs . Life is a hectic piece of shit . Off to revise ~

I'm so sick and tired of all this pain anywhere , everywhere , every sin.gle day .

Things are changing .. It's scary . I hope I can get used to this new routine ... Sigh . Anyw , it seems like just another ordinary day today ): what a wonderfullytearyday . Maybe meeting up today wuz a bad idea I shouldn't have been so persistant , I'm sorry .

NOTE TO SELF : Be more independent be more independent , but be independent first .

Kthkxbbye .