08 August 2008
Timecheck: 11:49 PM

Hello disappointment . I ain't human if I'm not gna feel that way .. Anyw , next Friday is no school day ! Wahah shioooook lah . But Saturday got exam wth sian . I NEED TO EXERCISE . The last time I exercised was last year March when my trainings stand down for Os ? Omtian faaaaatszx . On a random thought , I rly wished I had tonnes of cash and some awesome refillable credit card so I can go shooooopping & swipe waaaa . I want Nintendo DS light leyyyy >.>

Veli fresh scallops ~Went for dinner just now . Was kinda normal though it was supposedly my early celebration but it's not lah . Till .... The dessert came .
My brudder's apple strudel something something .Raspberry is so hairy D:MINE . Ohhhh heaven when they had the exact same cake as Seafood Harvest . But this time round , the chocolate was even better . A lil on the dark side . Poked the cake and the fudge oozed out *gives a blissful look* and best of all . When we were about to leave , the manager came and gave us a bag . It contained a whole chocolate truffle cake .! In the picture it doesn't look veli appetizing but it's nice in reality ~ Zomg foc nehneh ~ Like as if they knew it was my special day yaaaaaah right anyw so the delightfulness overwhelmed me momentarily as I grinned from ear to ear . Wao .

But in the end .. It's still like this . How I wish I could turn the clock back and said no . But , it's for the best isn't it ? Idk sigh . Anyw , happy (early) national day ~