08 August 2008
Timecheck: 12:40 AM

Hellogoodbye . Nightmares , sleepless nights . I want a peaceful sleep soon a-men . Some pretty old yet recent photos to update ~ :S

Beaaaach talking to Sailor Babo ~
As you can see , Sailor Babo is our mascot for our BCS proj ^-^
Zeh two tall blackies (not racist lorrr is the black shirt) for the day .Yan darlin' ~!Patricks : Mine , Wanyu's & Beaaaach's .Sorry Beach , this is what your cute Patrick gets for pangseh-ing Hc & me on Friday >.>Yaaaamcake ~!

Beloved babe ;}Bling-bling toilet signs :O @Changi Village Hotel ~Idkwhatsggoninmylife things feels so messy at times kae off to get busy ~