04 August 2008
Timecheck: 11:57 PM

Rawrrrrrr . Shall update now before some asses ^-^ say me again . Heh . Right , so on Saturday night I had a freaky encounter . Looking back , it doesn't seem so scary bah . Even when relating to people it doesn't seem as bad . But on that day it rly was !! Sian . So here's the story . I don't care if the way I type it makes it even more boring heehee your taiji :x ~

Came home real late with my family on Saturday . Okae for "background info" I have 2 computers in my study room lah . So I went into the study room to open the windows before gg to my parents room to use the loo . After which I went into my room to unpack . Not long later my brudder suddenly shouted "Eh who on the computer siah ?" and continued demanding lah . Then it wasn't me cuz when I went in to open the window I can clearly remembered the room was pure darkness . And when my parents also said they didn't on , it started to give me those chills down my spine .

Worse , my brother said that the computer was at the Login page , to sign into the accounts lohs . It's super weird cuz normally it takes veli fast for the computer to load to that page , which proves it was turned on very recent . Wpiang , gives me that kind of feeling that I opened the window to let the you-know-what in @_@

So I got so paranoid and scared esp since it's 7th month , I even made my dad stand in the kitchen area to talk to me as I bathe ><" Yaya you can say whatever you want but it rly gave me the jitters . Then I even squeezed with my parents on their tiny bed ha hah tsk oh well . What made me feel even more uneasy was that my lappie died on that very night too . The screen was at the login page , and after I typed in the password . The whole screen just turned black with two green lines vertically and if you actually stare at it closely the green lines will thicken and soon the whole background slowly fades from black to white before the webcam signal starts blinking .

One scary incident is enough to perk me up , plzzzzzz I don't want anymore T-T however , the earlier part of Saturday was awesome ! Thks dearest babe for the skirt it's so pretty luv it ;} Anyw to Srong the ass , I know this story not scary enough for you lah . Irritating :x

Why does it always have to be such severe incidents to set the determining factor ?
Plz let everything be a-okae .