31 July 2009
Timecheck: 12:00 AM

Being in th same scenario for th 2nd consecutive time is nv helpful . So I've been through this before , and now it's adding another (major) factor . So I'm 101% gna screw myself up tmrw becuz I'm not prepared , not gna have enough rest , gg to look like some rundown shit in the morning and I'm deteriorating my own health srsly . Flu with blood , wow - but not much I'm not dying just yet .

Th hurt is greater , th pain is deeper . You've betrayed me in a way or another . I shouldn't open my heart & be the same Fool I am anymore . Not the first time I've been through things like that - consecutively . Are you sure you're sorry ? Stop lying to me , stop lying to yourself . It's harder on my side , trying to keep to my stand .

But this time , I'll learn to fix myself up . On my own .