17 July 2009
Timecheck: 8:22 PM

"Lie on th floor , quick CPR !! Bouncer *boing boing* , water water ! Waddddder ."

HAHAHAH . Can you guess who said that !?!? Effing hilarious made me laugh till I jitao pengz ha hah ha . Give yooo a clue it starts with B ! Pretty obvious righttttt th bold part literally gives it away !

Juz now in th Mrt back to Boon Keng it was damn funny lah ! Th way th 2 abnns opposite stared at the lady beside doing some marking is rly .___. then diverting their attention to Beef , Chixchop & I later on ! They were staring and smiling in those eerie sense who knows they were talking bout us like we were talking bout em ha ? Freakkkky much , they alighted at Farrer Park and I wuz SO paranoid that I would meet them on bus 23 since y' know th route where it goes ...... Omtians . Beef mimicking them rly scares me her big eyezzz like O.O hahaahs !

Edited my music player added some of my fav old songs ! Mmmmm ear-candy ;> Anywwwww juz now there was this stupid yalam sitting beside me @KFC and if I'm not wrong his friends made him laugh and so some disgusting liquid (God knows what - saliva or water or what shit not) flew and it landed on my arm . He said sorry ...... And I just stared at him . Am I supposed to go "It's okay" with a smile .!?!? Obviously not right -__- Oh plz .

So I wiped my arm and realised th chair I'm sitting on also tio . Then I wipe le realise my notes is full of it . What th f ? I shall be qooooo & not spoil my image here :x no vulgarities me is trying to control okeh ! YAH RIGHT LOL .

Whatever I'm freezing @Kfc nao , it took me pretty long to type all these out cuz my fingers are numb & I wna zhabok (run) edi so .......... BAI .