27 July 2009
Timecheck: 12:00 AM

So we had dinner @Dian Xiao Er . No pictures cuz th lighting was horrible ? But th food was nice ............... Though something weird happened . They switched off th air-con when most of th guests left , but my family & another couple were still inside . It's like immediately after th you hear th switch sound , th whole temperature juz increased . Can even see th couple kept wiping their foreheads -_- I don't wna eat and perspire man like gross so I asked th voman bout it then she say she go increase th temperature . O....kay . But other than that they v polite uh .I think I figured who is this meow edi ! That day if you rmb I saw another meow which looked like Taro/Yamcake but th colour abit different ? Lately this fellow has also been around .......... Which reminds me . It should be Taro's baby ! That time th super tiny kitten I posted . Lemme see if I can still find th picture of it in my folder .. . .. . . ..
There ! Found it . I'm quite sure ...... Kewl now got double meows @my block hoho . Plz don't be another fatass bully and fight with Max th female -.-" super tehhhh lor this baby Taro keep rubbing its head against my dad's hands . Behavior super like Taro . But Taro machiam cool shit becuz he always sleep on ppl's motorbikes downstairs . Juz now saw him near a motorbike then this fellow juz parked his bike and took th same lift up . Bio from upstairs and saw Taro on th exact bike which was just parked . Pro right . Must be finding some hot seat to sleep on . Fatty :x Okay me want die edi cough till I bth then still keep hiccuping . Time to get some rest bai bai .