24 July 2009
Timecheck: 11:59 PM

There's quite a bunch to update but Idk why everything is being affected by my mood . I feel so cui lately now . Maybe cuz I juz screwed up my Accounting test today ? Totally blanked out . Feel like sucha waste srsly , for studying so hard -,- If I juz pass , it'd be a miracle & I'd be so glad ? Ugh . Things don't rly seem to be gg smoothly l8ly . O well rly hope 3 Aug to come soon that's when about everything due is done ? Then another set of problems - study for exams . WHICH MEANS CAN RETURN TO TP SOON . To prepare for my no-life life next sem and spend bout 10h a day (x2) looking like crap .

Anyw , SEAWEED shaker fries is back ! High to the max . Th moment I saw it I immediately msg you-know-who !!!!!!! Super happy dined like a queen though it's juz Mac ! Dying to eat it everyday before it gets OOS lor . Today ate it again and .......... I started coughing during OPERA . Blamed it on Dj :x now I'm rly coughing like mad which means I can't eat shakers fries anymore !??!?!!?!?!? Nuuuuuu . Actually I think it's SOP everything exams approaching I sure fall ill -_-

Reasons why I feel so cui ......... Shall blog it privately . Like anyone would rly understand and be truely genuine in their comments . Everybody's like juz wearing a mask . And it's not like I give a damn bout how you feel inside becuz I shan't/won't let you affect me . Imma remove my tagboard soon immediately so bye .