05 August 2009
Timecheck: 11:59 PM

Wlao eh bth my knees pain again lor chicken nehhhhhh rly like kns . Somemore no more stickers for me to paste ytd only paste 1 cuz left 1 nia then today waaa bwg sure sleepless night haii . Anyw th above top nice anot ? Me want buy but my mum say bo swee . Rly meh o__o

Shopping was not very successful today but but I received a bottle of red wine ! Red wine from France from .... Xinwang HK Cafe ;o Wow LOL . As my birthday gift . Like kewlness right .!? Shall update on that soon with pixels ;> Stay tuned ! Anyw rly gna dread eating soon . 1 meal a day also can make me want die . Eat finish feel so effing full till I rly feel so uncomfortable & wna puke . No matter how hard I try to burp it out I still wna puke ...... Seems like it's making me feel I shouldn't even eat ugh . What's wrong with me :'<

Okokkk time to rly start my reflection journal I'm still procrastinating ... Ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni damn nice makes my emotions all stirred up & rly feel like punching that effing useless gigolo ha hah . Kbai or tmrw I sure late for SuckitAccounts ^-^V