06 August 2009
Timecheck: 11:47 PM

Supposed to be revising but ........ Y' know standard procrastination (shrugs shoulders) can't help it I shall start revising after this post . Promise !! ~.~So on Wed I met up with my happy Mum to eat first becuz I was starving ! Deliberately take a picture of her with th food in front to make her look "greedy" heh :x regret gg for ROM lec cuz I wuz practically zuo bo-ing in there brought wrong lec notes & arrived late wpiangz .Can you believe a restaurant , a HK one would give a bottle of red wine as a birthday gift !! Super shocked !
Anybody heard of this brand before !?!?!??! Is it good .__.
Requested th staff to help us take a picture hehee . Like thrice ? Cuz I not man yi :x heeh . Anyw after th meal as y' know from th previous post I almost died . Massive spammed Twitter updates which also updates Fb tgt thus th spams at both places . Headed to Parkway for shopping ...But super . fail . Damn sad but x fingers I'm damn lucky ! Becuz I got to eat ...........
(screams) DARK CHOCOLATE yoghurt from Berrylite !! It's th sekz my cuz has been telling bout which got me hyped up into trying it and it is good ! Almost like eating i/c I swear ! And what's best ? It's yoghurt which means - HEALTHY much waka waka ;b my 1st time making my way to Parkway in hope of getting it (flavours change daily , normally dark chocolate available on weekends only !!) therefore I am damn lucky hehee . Imma fan of Berrylite & Yami yoghurt ! Roxxxxxxxx 2dmax ;>

Headed to visit my tuition teacher @Mavis . Mr Ng BK . Didn't know what to do so I stood outside th door like an idiot cuz he was having a class . Finally plucked my courage to knock on th door (like wth right I'm nub :<) countless times from softly to harder lolol and he finally came out ! He make me damn happy with his first statement to me HAHAHAHA . "Omg you lost so much weight !!" weeeeeeees B)

So today we had briefing on SSM & my Culinary elective . Hearing th details about it makes me wna bang wall right away . Bald faces , 8am-4pm , kinda tough training , strict rules , auntie yet comfy (?) court shoes and th worst thing I heard so far apart from th cost is ..... Bright RED lipstick is a MUST for us girls !?!?!??!?!?!?!?? WTH . I can't imagine myself in that . Picturing my fugly bare face without ANY hair -that must not be moved an inch by a typhoon is edi v. horrifying , add th bright red lipstick I swear I jitao pengzzzzzzz .

Kinda motivated but .. Omfg ? Shall relax myself first and enjoy myself before next sem comes :{ haiiiii o.....kay time to get back to mugging .