09 September 2009
Timecheck: 11:57 PM

090909 ; So today I had a fucked up day . I woke up late , chionged like mad & took a cab all th way to Tamp Mrt ..... And it cost me 6 bux . Like wth daylight robbery where got so much , thanks to surcharge or whatever shit . Even Zhuren take cab from her place to the ugh Henderson Road 12 bux - the distance difference damn big lor !

Waited for B till I wna die . Travelled alone , ate alone , froze alone @ Macs . Th things I do for love .......... Th things that I'd nv do . Srsly , I dread being alone . & I would nv eat alone . But I'm doing things directly opposite . So I managed to read finish my whole novel by th time B came . Sherong th book damn nice plz not like what you think . "I see bear I kill bear" -.-

Anyw ....... Th bad stuff I shan't say not gna air dirty laundry here . Ended up alone @ Suntec fountain there bawling my eyes out like a mad woman . Then there was this passerby who kept staring . I recognized his red polo tee . He spoke good English & was a Indian mixed Angmoh I think . Th 1st time he walked I was crying alone , th 2nd time he walked I was crying whilst on th phone . & th 3rd time he came back he sat on a bench next to mine and asked if I'm alright .

Wow o......kay I was pretty uptight it could either be a considerate passrby or another pervert . He came & spoke to me and Idk what I juz can't seem to ignore ppl so I replied politely and soon he ......... Got me so uncomfortable I had to talk & th phone with Bb to get away from him . Freaky manz . Details I don't wna say here lorrrrr ~.~ was so afraid he'd stalk me !!

Then otw back I saw BEEF !! So happy to see her y' know . At least I got a hug today - th ONLY hug I got today sigh . It sux2bme . At th bus-stop this ahpek approached me . Asked if he could borrow 2 bux . I juz said no money becuz I rly no money whaaaat I poor sai lor -.- then he asked me again if I could give him 5 bux . Like th words he use change damn fast plz !

Borrow like he can return zzzz .. Then I said th same thing & he said smth like but I rly need th money , how ar . What am I supposed to do !?!?!? Juz nice there was a OCBC bank nearby I asked him go take from bank . Then he gave me crap . He said he don't have th card or th number to take money . Dots -.- then he said he knows a friend in OUB can get money can borrow my hp call ? I was like -_- my bus come already . Thank God he left me alone !?

I think this post kinda draggy , this wasn't th way I intended to blog Idk why it became like that maybe cuz my mood is rly down . Been sulking ever since ;{

I srsly H.A.T.E waiting for ppl , it pisses me off . Ain't gna wait for ppl , ever . Yah k that's bout all I wna rant (boring 'nuff) more pix next time tmrw gotta work bai gotta rest my puffy eyez .