20 September 2009
Timecheck: 1:06 AM

Facebook is so inefficient . I cannot bloody hell w8 to get th new pw (before that damn hacker does anything to my account , or maybe he alr has ?) & delete th account . Chicken nehnehpok sia . Can't think of what my new email account should be . Maybe I shall move to gmail . Then I can reuse chocolatekitty ....... Fucktard hacker are you so in love with the "chocolatekitty" user that you have to hack all . Srsly catch no balls .

Today helped B move house . Had a hot driver in a hugeass lorry come pick me up & send me home wink wink ;}There was a slight drizzle otw there & back . Th packing was alot ! Had a good time burning carbs (I hope !!) in moving th items out of th house , into th lorry & into th place . Had a mad hilarious ride with B as we were singing Chocolate Salty Balls - South Park . HAHAHAHAH fucking funny you gotta watch this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcNWQ_VWMDk).This is Ahling . FUCKING CUTE RIGHT ! She damn scared today hide inside a sink in a non-usable toilet . Her big iris rly can make you go ga-ga .The hugeass lorry !! Had a nice chat with B's elder brother's girlf . Cool now I have someone else to chat with besides his mum @ his place alr heeh ;> helped B till I totally forgot th chalet is tmrw ! Many things to pack ! And I need to have a pool of ideas for th plans for th next few days ! Or I think I will start to stone -.- Will be back on 24th ........... So bye y' all ~