15 September 2009
Timecheck: 12:52 AM

Today ...... I went out with a disheartened heart . I mean , there are things which have been bothering me lately . Wore my neon pink leggings from Doob th 2nd time - and it's spoilt alr . Like wtf !?!? Juz like my lace leggings . Dots like waste $$ lor ... My birthday gift like that gone -.- either th bus chairs is damn prickly or what shit , otherwise it means th Topshop material sux ? Sibei sian , after alighting th bus I realise there was a few tiny holes . Zzzz bez thing is I nv wear shorts . Win .
New shoes ! Hehe Tfp told me 7th month cannot buy shoes buttttttt I nv heard of sucha thing before , except from her . Since I don't believe then I think it's alright ...... Right ? (shudders) Did major shoe shopping - my fav fetish . Luv to stare @ shoes anywhere & everywhere !!! Threw away my sized 4 sneakers , flats etc . Bought my court shoes , left th safety boots for Culi to be bought . Th court shoes bloody ex lor $69.90 no shit . Everbest ma haiiiii I rly ain't looking forward to SSM next sem can .
Dropped by Canele @ Raffles Place & saw Elna & WangXiao there !! You duno how happy I am to see them ! Especially Elna , didn't know she was back working ! Hehe drop by again to visit you guys . I wna transfer ley from Paragon to Raffles ley can anot ar @_@ Sat & chat with them as they ate . Damn funny lah . At least I had company ...... While that fatass B took forever as usual (rolls eyes) but it's okay cuz tmrw Imma get my Sakae sushi yay ! But nobody eat with me becuz B doesn't fancy Jap food -.- I shall eat alone but have company and ......... Talk to myself bout how good th salmon is gna taste heh heh .

Lipslikeshugar is a failure . I'm a failure - I need/must learn to control that water tap of mine sigh ;< Kbai back to my show ! Last 2 episodes & I'm done with it ~