20 October 2009
Timecheck: 11:36 PM

Finally I'm online ! Though school started ........ Like 2 days ago ? I am actually very tired already . It's tough to explain th trainings we go thru during our module SSM . Nobody can or will understand , unless you actually go thru it yourself :)

So I already had a taste of SSM & Culi . It drained out lots of my energy & even made me experience gastric few times a day - which is quite rare these days ! So much for saying I'm gna spam Tumblr harhar probably all my sites will be dead lmao . Anyw , 'nuff bout schl for now ..... Here are th pixels spam on my outing with Siti Hun xx
My classic jiaobin heeh .
(coughs coughs) I deliberately asked her to make pervert face & I think she rox at it hahahah .
I LUV THIS PIX LOL . If you know why means ...... HAHAHAH . You know what I'm gna say rofl .
Nize right I take her got skill okehz .
HOW COULD I FORGET !?!??! Even by looking at th pix I totally forgot to say that she should be so honoured :x hahahah becuz it's my first time wearing heels to Town ! I normally won't becuz .. My feet & knees will juz die . Hoping that this round will prove me wrong (SO I CAN GET THOSE KILL EM OXFORD HEELS & YADA YADA) but in th end I think I shan't waste $$ cuz my knees ain't cut for heels sad :( so we headed to my workplace to rest our dying feet .
NOM NOM NOM she kept attacking my crabmeat (sulkz) .Anyw ....... Time for my printer to die I shall go bombard it with all th files to print now . My brain seems to be malfunctioning becuz it's empty & I'm juz staring at this screen blankly though , ironically I'm typing . Rly don't hv th strength to blog out day's activities . Okkkkk bai :( btw pretty plz help I rly need to clear stocks for http://lipslikeshugar.livejournal.com/ thx !