22 October 2009
Timecheck: 5:03 PM

Hi hi hi hi this is juz a quick update for now hehe becuz ........ today I finally finally finally hv a short day @ schl ! Like shiok but lec like -___-
Anyw , are you able to tell what these words & ...
These emoticons are made of ?
Betcha can't !
See all these . It's my Panasonic hp strap . Looool it has those soft alpabets on it & th strap spoiled so I plucked out th alphabets & made words + emoticons ! Heh heh .

As for days after SSM & Culi ...... After long hours of bunning (got such sp ? :x) my hair will look just like this



I think very nice ley . TOO BAD IF YOU DON'T :b I always wanted this kind (not exactly) of huge curly locks whenever you tie your hair up . Nize mah !

Saw so many chio heels ytd but didn't buy cuz no size (though I'm not fit to wear heels I still got th hots for em !!) Rubi has this super super duper awesomez chio heels in silver or black ALL SEQUINED UP omfgggg (drools) okkkk me go rest abit more very sleepy bai !