26 October 2009
Timecheck: 12:01 AM

Who would believe I'm such an idiot today ? I POKED MY RIGHT EYE & IT BLED . Wtf right !??!?!?

I don't know of anybody who would do such a thing -_- last week I sprayed perfume into my right eye & this week I made it bleed . Poor thing my right eye machiam kena tortured every week zz .

Anyw as I washed my face I poked it by accident & felt this burning sensation which led me cursing under my breath . Looked up & saw th blood oozing , it's like immediately ? Freaking scary . Y' know th vessels on your eyeball is normally not so obvious but after I poked it , I could see ALL th red vessels showing and a part of it had blood oozing . I must say I'm very lucky blood didn't flow out of my eye or I would hv fainted in th bathroom .

So my dad brought me to A&E @ SGH . First time gg there I suppose & th nurse said I had low bp . What does it mean ? -.- Th doctor said I'm VERY LUCKY becuz abit further & I would hv hit my cornea (aka further complications) so for now I'm "safe" unless th condition deteriorates , hopefully not ! Now I'm on mc for 2 days but ......... I cfm gna go for both ssm & culi becuz if I don't I'm gna miss out on so much ! Which is BAD .

Th funny thing would be when th nurse asked me to say my ic number I said my hp number out without realising & my dad told me "Eh you say wrong" . Cuz my ic & hp number sounded almost th same (if you know) so th nurse was laughing lolol ;x Anyw , I dare not apply th medication , rly . Can only hope it doesn't sting . K it's time to rest soon time to prepare myself for another physically taxing day tmrw & Tues bai ~