14 November 2009
Timecheck: 11:59 PM

Friday th 13th - World Kindness Day !!!Inside Taka also ..... Umm duno how to describe . Bears !!!!!!
Immense Christmas tree @ Taka Atrium ! They always hv probably th hugest tree ! Ion's one is damn nize also ! Must see when you're at Town okehz , esp at night ;) Combed th whole of Town with mum & did major shopping spree hehe . Thx mummae for th sponsored bag of goodies from Bodyshop ! (grinz) I got th super chio Winter Collection eyeliner + mascara !Beautiful daisies given foc that day ! I took 4 , one broke :( hence th small short one in a short glass below . And I gave 1 to my favourite staff @ Big Eater !! She so cute she took a cup & filled with water immediately to place it in .Juz tried on th Lancaster masks I bought ! $56 per pack lor . Siao eh . But works ley ! My skin feels so cleeeeeean . But I abit clumsy ? Apply th masks also can get into my ..... Right eye (got grievance already 3x attack this eye) but it's so cute comes in 5 diff colours for 5 diff purposes & so handy . Even I can't resist . Poor me , now . Who ask me ...... Hv such horrigible skin :(


What a boring Sarkturday . Hate this like hell . Insignificant .
Maybe things ain't th same no more .