28 November 2009
Timecheck: 12:39 AM

Hello all , this week has been a pretty hectic + rough week for me ! BESE ppt is over ! Next week 3 tests , but bez thing would be we only hv 1 mid-sem paper . Only Management Accounting = WIN ! Happy only . But got projs to chiong lor ...... Some holiday/Christmas it's gna be . Sian ttm . And when th hols end , it'd be hell for me cuz hv to prepare myself for service & kitchen @ TopTable homg . Super duper unprepared .
Maid Society !!!!! Yati , Maria , Wati , Siti ! Hehehe .
I uploaded this picture only cuz I think Maria's classic face is so cute !! HAHAH if she sees this I think she's gna keeel me :xAnyw , that day finally met up with Bb that ass :) went Teadot to study awhile !! Lemon! Meringue! Tart!! That day when my class was at Sugarloaf kitchen , Lemon Meringue Tart was on sale !!!!! I'm so damn sad it's all sold out & when we went to Sugarloaf on Wed they didn't hv it . Wlao eh :( 2 bux nia ! Fucking cheap lor I die-die must try ..........
& I had Berrylite dark chocolate yoghurt 2 days in a row ! Cannot believe they had that awesomez flavour 2 days straight hehe . Berrylite ftw !! Kbai short update hehe gotta study for my 3 tests so I don't screw it up like how I screwed up my life ....... Esp today . Fml :(