22 November 2009
Timecheck: 12:37 AM

Met Geraldine on Saturday before dinner @ Noble House !
Berrylite yoghurt is th sekz man luv it ttm it pwns any yoghurt brand out there , anytime !!! Oreo toppingzzzz + awesome flavours like dark chocolate & banana & cappo which other shops don't carry !!!This voman sibei alot of pose I swear camwhore with her never ending one ! Indonesian maid lah ........ Rofl sorry that picture cannot let you all see ! HAHAH if not she kill me :x
Rofl like spastic uh our face .....
My kewl feet ;x
Few mascots @ Iluma . Got some veryyyy ugly dowan take them spoil my camera ha hah !
Made my way to town to meet my family before heading to Shenton Way . Got caught in th rain so I stopped @ Heeren for shelter . Didn't know what band was playing so I went in to hv a look & it was Mi Lu Bing ! Okay lah I don't even know who they are I not into Cheena so too bad . But their hair like ;O 1 red 1 purple 1 navy ???? Looks like luh !
Nize screaming heh heh :)
For those who like em , can continue staring @ those blur pix above :) Then reached th weird oooolu building . Even must show I/C to get in wlao high class bo ! -.-
We were seated in this area with like only 8 tables ? Outside they had a wedding dinner . So chio lor . Heard that this restaurant holds wedding dinner every week ! Omg ;o seeing th wedding actually made me very sentimental - happy yet emotional zzz .
Some of th food ! Hate my camera it even hanged on me with th zoom thingy stuck outside lol & my dad dowan get my new one ! For those who know , mine is like duno how many years old but rarely use ! Suckballz .
Buddha jump over th wall .
Sharks fin .
Pigeon soup ;o tastes like consomme ! Muz be take very long to cook okeh !!! Consomme = hard work ttm ask Culi students :)
Yeap that's bout it didn't take all th food . Overall , I rate it 3.5/5 ?? Cuz .. It's sorta special but not rly cuz th dishes like most restaurants having ala-carte buffet will have . Think Humble House is more stylish/posh & nicer !

Had a rough night & didn't go for SSM today cuz had a fever of 38.7 :( sian , thx to stupid throat infection as I suspected . Swollen tonsils or whatever th hell that is ._. Didn't get to do Sugarloaf Express lor ............ Next week Imma steward , help me Idk how to prepare ley @_@ Hopefully I can fully recover by tonight so I won't miss out on Pastry !!! Don't wna miss a single lesson on that :D