26 December 2009
Timecheck: 12:43 AM

HAI I'm here to update on my no-life life ! PS: SUPER image heavy ! So Taukua pei-ed me all th way to Mount Faber juz for my interview !!
I like paparrazi hor , snap her immediately as she exit lolol . So glad to finally meet her after what , 237293123820 years ?? :x
Th interview was like ... Hmmm . Bwg , think super cmi . Internship application is REALLY NOT easy when you have to send in applications yourself & go for interviews machiam real-life work . & it's not fair cuz I know of other courses which don't have to do that ..... Chicken backside :(
Took bus all th way to Cine in hope of catching Couple's Retreat . Th review looks good , is th show good !?!??! I'm so sad it's not screening anymore ........ Sibei sian cuz like only front row seats .
So hungry us went to makan @ BBQ Chix !

Looks good right !!?!? But it's like Idk why after th meal I felt so uncomfortable wanted to puke/diarrhoea . & so I did . Taukua also went to sop . I think .... Th chicken got problem . Or maybe it's us ??? -__-
Yes I hijacked her account . No lor is she nv logout then pass my hp back to me !
See she grinning so happily cuz I help her tweet (winkz) .
That piece of chicken flew off my plate as I tried to slice th other one heh heh paiseh only this Taukua laugh so loud @_@
So we left & went for "shopping paradise" forever 21 @ 313 !! But it's like ........ See alr sian cuz th queue to try so long . Will turn off one y' know ??
!!!!! (smiles sheepishly)
As I reached home I saw Taro @ my void deck !
SUPER HAHAHAHA . Look at his sian 1/2 face :x
Met Doob/Foob on .... I forgot when . (looks at dated picture) Ah yes 22nd Dec -.-
She gave me Jagabee & a shingz sequin shirt from her Msia study trip ! Plus Christmas present aiseh nv expect THANKS FOOB \m/
Yessss saw Nat & Abi & Lihui too ! How coincidental . Only managed to take Nat though , l8r ppl think I stalker ._.
Super impromptu decision to go town @ like ..... 7pm ?? Headed to forever 21 (again) , always going in with different people .
Stopped for Cold Rock ! First time trying ....... I think it's like so-so ?? Marble Slab Creamery & Marvellous Cream like nicer -.-
Like cheat money lor ? Kids size = $7.50 . Normal size with waffle cup = $7.50 . Zzzz thankfully th lady changed mine into a waffle cup if not I jitao annoyed . Anyway no plans on returing so what.everrrr .
These pictures below ...... All taken by Fatty !!! Using my new baby G11 . I guess it'd take time for me to master these skills ~
This like bez only .OKEH finally end ! Schl reopening on Monday = sian 1/2 ttm . Have to start washing , ironing clothes for SSM & Culi all over again (deep sighs) ............... Having Monday blues alr :<