02 December 2009
Timecheck: 7:49 PM

Hello guys , this will be a short post for now . I will elaborate on my anger th next time I hv time to blog . I took time out from studying my Mice test (which I hvn't started) tmrw JUST to settle this shit .

1stly , my email chocolatekitty91@live.com.sg has been hacked . Plz fucking ignore it . Not th first time my email has been hacked . Think that fucktard loves "chocolatekitty91" alot , so hell yea whatever . 2ndly , my twitter www.twitter.com/xshowsomelove has also been hacked . However I can still update due to th Tweetsg thingy via mobile . Plz do th same , unfollow or like try to report for hacking/spam/unauthorised user thx . 3rdly , my facebook has also been hacked AND DELETED . Thanks fucker for deleting it .

I'm fucking calm as I type this post , not much vulgarities . But after my exams ......... You'll see th fucken vulgarities side of me (if you hvn't seen before) , that's it for now .

Meanwhile ,