07 December 2009
Timecheck: 7:53 PM

Here to blog about th restaurant I've been raving bout non-stop !!! Lawry's Th Prime Ribs @ Paragon . Grand to th max , with table-side service & excellent ambience . Note that all th pix are in such not-so-good quality due to camera & also cuz th environment is dark ! Hence th comfortable ambience :)They served us homemade Limpa bread & sourdough for starters ! Yummy . I was like th only noise in th entire restaurant cuz I kept coughing :'(My brother ate th festive set lunch comprising of th above (turkey salad) ............Lamb . Damn nize I swear .Their world-famous creamed spinach with bacon & onions . Not rly to my liking I prefer Billy Bomber's but they don't sell anymore ...... Sad .
Sauteed cream of mushroom soup .Ham cantaloupe - damn sweet & yummy !Th waitresses are dressed in French Maid Outfits & even th food is served right before your very eyes !! Super table-side service x fingers if you wna experience real service YOU GOTTA GO LAWRY'S . Wayyyyyy higher than TopTable (duh) .This metal alienish huge thingy is where th food like meat is kept ! With condiments like th gravy , carbo & vege . Th chef will drag this thing to your table & th waitress will ask your preference of sauce or smth (I think) & th chef will serve it to you on th spot - you can witness everything !! Cool uh .
My dessert ! I know cough still eat right but hey my mum didn't stop me heeh :x Sweets of th day - Chocolate Trifle with i/c !
My mum's English Trifle .
My bro's set dessert - creme bread & butter pudding .
Chio toilet hahahah .
This is like a VIP room/special room cuz it's separated from th main seating area . Ambience superrrrrrrr cosy you can look at it from th outside !! LAWRY'S ROCKZX but it's expensive like :$
Ytd ! Went to Holiday Inn for th supposedly festive buffet dinner . Th ambience & decoration of th hotel like chio only but ............. You'll see l8r .
Like very gold-themed . Kinda classy .
Th bar & lounge area .
This is th Tulip flower I got when my mum donated $2+ for th Childrens' Cancer Foundation :)
This is my own self-made dessert . Erm th food there is like -____-" if you hv eaten better ones you'll think it suck .Self-made salad . Th only thing that seemed o-k-a-y was th sashimi . To me , but I ate like all th belly part :x & when th chef refilled no more belly !!!! & when I wuz done with my meal , th belly came out agn zzzzz kns ha ha hah . Th crab was ew . Th bez place for crabs is still Big Eater !!!! Pwnz \m/
But their chandeliers rly pretty right ??? But th food sucks . Too bad . Not gna return evaaaaaa .
Went MS to hv a look @ Club Marc but ........ Hmm I still wna buy shoes ley . My Club Marc shoes th sole alr hv crocodile mouth wth wear 3x only !!! I regret not putting SSM test today , so I can get my exams over & done with @ 2pm tmrw . Sian , now I'm so panicky bout SSM on Wed I can't fully focus on tmrw's paper ........... Not like I plan to study anymore :x

Sigh I've been sick for 3 loooong weeks , rly verrrrry long nv sick till so jialat . Either th doctor sucks or th med sucks or it's me :( I ain't recovering ley !!! Super no mood lor . Anyw , bout th hacking thing .... I said I wanted to blog a full angry post bout it right ? But it's like delay so long alr th angsty feeling also gone & I don't wna waste my breathe on smth which can't be saved ........... So in conclusion it ain't worth it ! I will curse that wussy personally not on air ;E yup kbai !