22 December 2009
Timecheck: 12:53 AM

Short update to sum up things I've been doing ...................... Had festive buffet @ Olive Tree at th Intercontinental Hotel on Sunday - food was good !! I fell in love with Stollen (Christmas fruit bread with lots of icing sugar) damn sad I regret nv eat th one my brother made then @ Olive Tree I ate like 3-4 pieces LOL . Damn nice ley !! Now I'm tempted to go outside & buy -__- but it's so costly . Th one my brother baked can easily sell for $50 OVER bangz bucks outside ;O
Th lovely cupcakes - my brother made more yesterday !!! And cuter ones even have teddy bear !!! (whines) but I didn't get to take cuz he left th house so bloooody early . Make for his colleagues . They good life hor . All his past colleagues also good life - always got food he made for them to free tasting .
I like this design bez , duno why it juz has that appeal to me ha hah ha .
Snowman ~ duno why looking downwards make it very gaowei to take .
SHIT I see this reminds me of something . This year I didn't go Ritz Carlton to buy my cute gingerbread babies !!!! Homg I must go soon before Christmas is over :'(
Him making th decorations last night . Took a good 3-4h making juz th decorations for th cupcakes omg .
I tried too !!! It was easy !!! And fun !!! Should I ever do baking I only wna do these kind - won't get burnt heh heh (grinz)
Stars !!!!!!
See th green things ? 3D Christmas trees ! He even "painted" them this morning but I didn't get to see :( okay this post more like advertising my bro's awesome baking/cooking skills . He's probably good at everything (sulkz) I wish I was as smart too ............ (omg juz noticed ytd's post & today's post exact same timing lololol) Kbai ! :>