28 January 2010
Timecheck: 10:28 PM

Piercing stomach pain today . Till now I'm still experiencing it . Idk what's wrong with my stomach I think it hates me :(Fat Max licking her injured paw . So poor thing can see th bone lor got 1 patch there , like scary only .
Went to Lawry's to dine with family ~~~~~~~ Located at Mandarin Gallery now , no longer at Paragon .
Cute piped butterrrrr .
Shiraz - 1 glass 15 bux homg :O
Th beef in that special metal pull-thing ! Sorrrrrry Idk what it's called -.-
Spinning bowl salad ! I video-ed how th lady did it ! Very unique , finally got to try it ! Here's thh vid of Lawry's Famous Spinning Bowl Salad ! :)
Cheese crabcake ! Tried this cuz I missed th yummy one @ Toptable !! But not to fear , dining there next week with Daryl ! Crabcake here I come om nom nom ~Fish of th day (I forgot what it is) .
Lamb . Mehhh , it's my brother's fav .
Th view from up above .I think th decoration is nicer than th previous one hehe .
Chocolate i/c cake !
English trifle . Eeeee hahahah .
Sweets for th coffee & tea .
Explored abit of th Mandarin Gallery . Loads of cool shops , sieh branded & nice interior designing . Plus alot of cool dining shops ! Like you can takeaway their stuff + comes with an area to dine there .Eyecandy .
Cheese ! After .......... I forgot what we did at town ley .__. Anyw I only know we headed to Tom N Tom's for a break .
Lemon meringue tart ! I nv fail to try it when I see it . But not that nice , even Sugarloaf's tastes nicer & also cheaper ! Rmb come support meeeeee last week of schl , Monday @ Sugarloaf !!!!! I'll be bald & fugly @ th cake counter plz buy all my desserts :D
Whitesocks looking all toughed up & fierce cuz it saw a dog walking by .
Still very cautious even though th doggay like very far away alrd ~
& this is th lobster my brother cooked for me ! It's yummy but ......... I think I'm super injury prone ? Kitchen or not kitchen also can get injuries -.- I tried to open it using my hands & th sharp edges of th shell pricked me . Used scissors & th scissors slide all th way cutting my hands . Win alrd . Then my mood like jitao sian I put down th scissors + show black face :x then Fatty took it & help me do hehehehe .

THIS WEEK SIEH PACK AH HOPE I SURVIVE IT ...... Alot of things due on Monday - tests , projs . You name it , I've got it . GOD BLESS ME KBAI ^^