25 January 2010
Timecheck: 11:18 PM

Shall do a quick update before I get some rest for Culi @ Toptable tmrw ........... Checked my Mice grades & I got a straight F . My studies this sem rly cui , cui until cannot make it . I dare not tell my mum , she alrd knows my SSM Prof test 1 & Accounts alrd F . Sian .
That Thursday with Elrin before gg to Mac for lunch ~
Headed to Abnn mall to buy furniture . And it was like night y' know !?!?! So many of em damn scary . I bao ga liao , wearing my alibaba pants with jacket & sneakers rofl . Dad finally purchased a dressing table for me ! Along with some cupboards & tv rack . Spent like over $700 & went to th uhhh counter for scratch & win . & we won this 2 cups of bubblet from Gong cha . Unique ley , not like any other bubblet cuz their signature milkt is pure Oolong tea added with milk foam (last minute) !! Cool right . So it's like rly milky unlike those Sweetalk type ?? Different taste . And bez of all - you can select your sugar lvl ! From 0 - 30 - 50 - 80 - 100 . Awesomez but kinda expensive quality I guess .
Headed to Swee Choon for supper !!
They comparing who's head higher , rank higher rofl ._.
Century egg porridge .
Siew mai .
HAR GAO !!!!!!!!
Xlb xlb xlb xlb xlb xlb !!!! Th skin too thick ley :$ I prefer DTF or Asian kitchen one .
Frrrrried tofu !
Went home & guess which adorable white socks kittykatz I saw @ TP bus-stop ! Hehehehe awwwww ..
It kept rolling & flipping around . Sieh act cute but very cute lor !!
See it keeps turning & turning ~
Hhahaha again . White socks kittykatz !! xx
My mum's 1st artistic shot . HAHAH she damn funny . Then I forced her to help me take then she like "Idk how !!" So I was like "Okay you try first you sure know one" viola this is her 1st shot hahahah .
Okay time to sleep . Tired much .