03 January 2010
Timecheck: 11:59 PM

Th day I was so fungry ........ Actually when am I not ever fungry !?!??! -.- Persuaded my parents to go buffet with me so we went Sakura cuz it was New Year's Day . & everything else is expensive so yea . This seems like th only reasonable pricing . $29++ for adult . 'Nuff to make me full & fattttttter .& as we left Safra .... Saw this lil' kitten . Real tiny so I took out my baby & snapped it . IT LOOKS LIKE A WILD BOAR don't you think !?!??!? Damn weird :OMachiam mixed breed with pig -.-Met Foob th next day cuz I had to pass her her late Christmas prezzie ! Hehehee & me being stupid lost that paper card above as I walked thru th interchange . Hence I had to walk all th way back scouting for it , fearing somebody picked it up . So I met her late & she niam me -.-" lol and guess what ! She MORE STUPID :B it's like I alr told her th story of how I went back to find th lost card .......... & she still left it on th bag so by th time I realised it was missing , we can't find it alr . Stupid ass , heng no pix plz ! We retraced our steps from MRT to Tm lol madness .Feasted like kings during Sherlock Holmes ! Very witty & interesting though I was lost for awhile at some parts . BUT I GOT IT OKAY after awhile heh .We love to go handicap toilet tgt :ODark scary evil clouds I spotted at my house ! That's TP btw ............. Yup juz a short update . Real tired . Amazing I didn't toh immediately after I reach home since it's after SSM . Very demoralising ah , our whole group knows what I'm saying . Maybe I'll juz fail this module :( as much as I don't want to .......................... Kbaiz .