12 January 2010
Timecheck: 11:51 PM

TP open house !!!!!!!! As Daryl & I were dressed so casually & somehow ppl could mistake us as non-tp students we decided to play along juz to get balloons !!! Hahahahah damn cheapo right but I like balloons ley . Except when you rub it with your finger EW hate that sound !!We even asked TP students to help us take picture !! So bimbo right machiam really like non-tp student lolol .Why we went Engine 2 there , sad case . Anyw thanks Daryl for being there . Almost teared in front of C . Heng I managed to hold back my disappointment & not throw face . I needa buck up already .....Changed th pink balloon into yallow !
& vice-versa for my tofu ! Yellow to pink ! Now I can change my stuffed toys or rather anything into ANY colour I want , as long as I hv it ! Cool eh (Y) *evil laugh*
And ..... BABO FAMILY !!!! Yes this is th full every-single-one-of-them is there photo . Hehehe :b
My very own collection of Uglydolls ! Not inclusive of stuff like figurines , notebooks etc . Maybe when I hv more spare cash I'd consider expanding it ! But for now , I don't even hv enough to feed my horrifying appetite . Sometimes I hate my stomach cuz I crave for so much food & I'll spend all my $$ juz to satiate it and ... Y' know . If you know then yah . Super crappy -.- but good at times I guess (shrugs) Need to stop spending $$ incessantly on better food , gotta start saving .

Life is getting suckier for me lately . Shall update when I can afford th time again . KBAI .