08 February 2010
Timecheck: 11:28 PM

Here to do a quick update ....... Am actually pretty skeptical on posting cuz when I see th many many albums of pictures I have , it makes me lazy and not wna blog . And what's up with my keyboard ????? Type on internet webpage th alphabets come out like t h ... i s . DAMN IRRITATING I SWEAR . Whereas on notepad it comes out like a breeze .

Anyw , I'm also updating becuz ... I'm SO FULL that I can't sleep even though I'm like hell sleepy , tmrw is th execution day for Culinary aka last day ! And I'm stationed at Toptable . Nervous wreck alright .That day after accounts lec ~Took bus with th rest but we went diff places !FINALLY , there's like so many other shows I wna watch but I'm so broke .I like this picture of Daryl :)And this . Cuz I take one mah ;bThis picture seems hilarious , machiam Zx telling us story -.-Jap roleplay on Wed !!! Came to schl like 7am to rehearse , funny man ! Toilet bowl flushing ha ha ha .This is our "dad" with my hand-drawn moustache ;OMy awesome group ! ^^Beef laoya , this is her successful jump shot #1 out of 2138729372 HEHE :xCamwhoring with Beef/Mum before th rest comes ........ Starving at Sugarloaf watching ppl eat !Shared all these & many more . I-am-sucha-pig-plz .Maria & I w8ing for th rest for our Culi discussion . Which I slept like half of it . Really tired manz .Dined @ Imperial for my mum's bday meal .Xlb ! But not nice , no soup . But at least th skin not as thick as Swee Choon's one .Th secret-mission to run to PP after lec on Thurs to get my mum her fav carrot cake ! Th weather was scorching hot , when is it ever not ??? (OMG I HATE TH KEYBOARD DAMN PEKCHEK ALRD ALL TH LETTERS DOWAN COME OUT . Lemme show you a sentence w/o me backspacing non-stop: Damn annoyed ih the keybord can duo why type alrd willllidat like crap make me dn't na to bog !!!!) SEE WTF kill mood -.-I sang for her okeh !! See she smile till so happy !Managed to surprise her even though ........ Nehmind not impt to say . Rushing this short , selected pictures post ! GOODNIGHT I NEEDA SLEEP :)