08 March 2010
Timecheck: 11:59 PM

Hi guyz , decided to try a new "style" of blogging . Don't wna update on EVERYTHING that really happens like ....... Based on pictures ? What's th point since it's nice I'd be posting double both on FB & here ? Depends I guess . Okay maybe you guyz might not get it so I shall quit ranting & juz post !(refers to date) Ah yes so just 2 days back ...... I decided to go out with center-parting hair ! Cuz my fringe is currently in a state whereby it'd knock right onto my spectacle frame causing it to "qiao" 1 side -_- kinda annoying so I'm contemplating whether to cut bangs again or keep it long for center-parting hair HAHAHA . Look abit retarded right ??? Center-parting ........ Lol . But my hair failed terribly that day cuz I seemed to hv a "good hair day" & it refused to stay center , with any gust of wind it'd go back to straight bangs ! Zzz .
Furniture sourcing day ! Headed to Compass Point ..... Courts .......... Ikea ........ Zomg hate going to Courts & Ikea area cuz waiting for th shuttle bus is you-can-just-kill-me . Hate th crowd too . Besides th super cheap thrill ! Ikea $1 hotdogs HAHAHA . That's besides th point . Dined at ___ cafe . Cannot say cuz blog super open . YES I'M RACIST -.-
Thankfully I leave dates on my pictures really . SUPER stm .
666's fricking chio condo with swimming pool !!!!! Th pool is frigging cold everytime I swim there I'd be shivering like MAD & my lips turn purple , dead serious ! Scary max hahahah . K I'd update again ...... Probably when Foob sends me her edited pix !

How's this new style ??? Less photo spams !! More words ?? Depends ...... Unless like really interesting day (to me) I will spam like usual posts ~