14 March 2010
Timecheck: 11:59 PM

Hi !!! Here to sum up my week before my intern starts tmrw !! So not looking forward becuz I'm easily one nervous wreck so I'm rly afraid I'm gna screw it up :( set 3 alarms & changed my alarm ringtone to a fricking loud one in fear I'll oversleep . Yes that's desperate measures indeed . Sip also means ...... No more long coloured nails for me , cannot wear rings & bangles & what not . Man , my arm is gna feel so naked !! -_-

Okay this is pretty much what I did this week ....... Movies kbox mini picnic hanging out chatting catching toys arcade quarrel smile laugh cry & DEFINITELY - melt . in . this . mad . heat .
Don't ask me why this picture like that ! I uploaded twice it still refuses to rotate & I cbb to try agn cuz I gotta sleep ! That's our loots . After spending like 23872613821 dollars on th machines ha ha ha riiiiiight . Why cannot catch those huge stuffed toys !?!? :(
Th #1 ass foob :O
Caught Alice in wuuunderland - hence th words ! If you know it you'll get it ! Lazy to elaborate more ! Shall end th post with cutie Whitesocks ! Hope ...... Tmrw will be fine ! Bye xx