24 March 2010
Timecheck: 10:30 PM

My blog is SO dead , it's been 10 days ! Here to do a quick one before I go sleep ! I've been such a sleepless wreck th entire week , body clock super screwed till my sop is not done therefore you can literally say "I'm full of shit" -__- I think it's kinda weird saying this but really !! I'm getting fricking fatttttt every second . FML .
Shunzi super cute plz ! :)
Me & Yvonne Soh (2nd one I know) this ass is th one who practically 24/7 suan me whenever I'm with her . But cute lah , hope she don't see this or I sure kena shoot even more tmrw -.-
From last Monday to this Monday ...... Been having trgs @ either Mountbatten Sq or NTUC hub ! Tuesday , we finally went on-site !! So exciting ! Only th buses are allowed to enter , no public transport .
Th super huuuuuge walkway juz around B2 , Tower 2 ! Where th IRD office will be at ~
And this is th mad chio TDR (team dining room) which I can rave about on & on !! It's really MAD AWESOME !!Can hold up to 8000 pax okeh super cool ........!
Buffet style breakfast , lunch & dinner !!!!! Alright time to hit th sack or I'd be another sleepy looking ass tmrw :( really looks bad on me looking so dead sullen even my colleagues can notice I look so dead tired so gdnite !! More picchaz on FB bye !

Btw , happy 25th ♥