14 April 2010
Timecheck: 10:39 PM

Closing 3 weeks since I've touched th computer ! AMAZING MAX . Anyw ...... Those above are th pictures of me & bb (those few pathetic we managed to salvage thanks to my ass camera) when she came over & I helped her makeup/dressup for th wedding dinner thingy ! It was mad fun and ............ After much camwhoring my camera screwed up on me .

In hope of tryna salvage th pictures I didn't reformat my memory card thinking there's still a way . Ended up gg to work on Saturday for food plating - all dishes in th IRD menu . Took 200+ shots of th food close up & with labels and now IT'S.ALL.GONE . FML plz . Every effing thing I took is GONE . So pekchek till I ended up in tears , sorry can't help it when Imma crybaby & that's my avenue to let it all out .

I can barely rmb all th pictures I took . Only know my heart sunk & I felt so demoralised . So much for effort really :( shall go FB some time soon to save th pictures my team took . Oh well , k it's time to sleep . Hectic week indeed . Th fatigue of waking up at 4am daily is hitting on me gr8ly . Till then , bye y' all take care .