30 May 2010
Timecheck: 11:59 PM

Hiiiiiiiiiii I'm back -_- Ikr like finally !?!?! Removed my tagboard cuz it's stupid to put there for ppl to advertise not like I'm gna click ? And since when is my tagboard for SO MUCH EXCESSIVE advertising !? Dots .Finally threw away this pair of my shoes . Tolerated with it for like weeks ? And yes th black thing above is my toes that's how jialat it is plz -__- work is taking it's toll on me . I'm really not used to working full-time , afterall internship is considered a 5-6mth full-time job ? So yeah , though part-time you can work continuously for 6 days or more , there really is a difference . Wow , I must welcome myself to reality .

Been thinking alot lately due to stuff . Like .......... What's friends ? Really . People can easily say "Hey I've got so many friends" but who can you really count on , when you really need them . How many people of this lot can you actually say you can contact for reliance/sharing h2ht ? And which of them would even reply/bother ? Sometimes I think it's still better to depend on yourself , I've went thru th self-torment when such things arises . I'm not a very independent person , but am pushing & trying to be one . But hey this doesn't mean I have a bunch of friends whom I keep close to my heart , but still . But still .

This world is cruel . Eventually everyone will still leave you . Am trying to force myself not to read so much into simple things , though it is kinda ironic . I look at things too simply when they are supposed to be complicated & vice versa . But now I really hv to juz ignore such stupid stuff , too bad cuz I'm so sensitive . Ah , wtheck . Don't wna ponder so much . Ignorance is bliss isn't it ? But karma will come around , so it's better to be watchful on how you treat others .. Shall not fret on this anymore .

Time to enjoy my 3 consecutive off days before it's back to work . I still hv 2 PH to clear , hmm when ? Anyw , party !!!!!!