02 July 2010
Timecheck: 12:05 AM

Omg hi !! It's been eons I suppose hmmm ......... Work is taxing ! So much so my routine is like .... Work eat work eat work sleep till next working time eat work eat work & so on . HENCE NOW I'M SO FAT . Stop telling me I'm not fat or I'm insulting you cuz I really am ! I have a freaking TUMMY now omg plz kill me . I dare not wear tight fitting clothes alrd cuz it shows ! It's so big when I look down I can't see my toes . Okay exaggeration but stilllllllll !
My souvenirs thou ......... Sigh I shan't say more . But still it's something nice to keep hmm yeah .
Th stay-in that time ! I wna book another one cuz th SKYPARK is open alrd & I so must try th infinity pool & swim in it for myself . Thinking bout it makes me all hyped up . Definitely before my internship ends in July ;) hopefully ! X fingers !
View of MBS around 4pm+
& VIOLA ! Th skypark pix for you ! Went up there on th 22nd June heheheeeee :x now to go up as a guest must pay 20bux ! :O
Breathtaking right !! Time to continue wrecking my brains on what to do for my mini proj cuz ........ I'm lagging behind due to lack of time & obviously me being th procrastinator & sleep queen :( sighhhhh . Thou shalt not speak of th bad stuff at work ^-^V kbyez !