06 September 2010
Timecheck: 2:45 AM

Paths . Choices . Everytime it's almost th end of another journey I get stuck , unsure of which route to take . I remember in primary 6 , facing th many choices of which school to go to . Which is best whether to head to an affiliated school or go somewhere better . And in sec 2 , streaming into your chosen subjects . Pure literature , additional mathematics , biology - all seemed like such a tough choice but now it all worked out . I love literature , enjoy every bit of it & now looking back I miss it .

I miss reading the book in such great detail , picturing th whole story in my mind , matching it with th show & remembering it even better . Th way we pick at th words th author used to create th scene , th reasons why . We had to analyse and all . Have not been reading much lately but I do try to read a few books during each holiday .

From secondary to decide whether to head to a jc or poly , th course to take ......... So many choices one faces in their entire life . It's whether it's a big or small decision . I'm a very indecisive person & making decisions is definitely not my forte . Now approaching th final semester in poly , I was reminded by Jacquelyn that day about Uni . Suddenly thinking bout it makes me wreck my brain as I have pushed this topic so far back I almost forgot about it .

I honestly don't think I have th grades & brains to make it into any local U . Neither do I wna go to any private U or overseas .. So th thought of NIE came into my mind . I'm now stuck & confused . I rly need all th opinions I can get becuz I am completely clueless right now . Maybe thinking so far is futile since deep inside I do worry if I can graduate smoothly , which I rly x fingers tightly & pray for . Don't wna retain . Sighz alot gg thru my mind lately ..........
Th 2 Rilakkumas that day I caught @ MS - burnt $14 juz like that . Could hv spent like $8 but I gian th 4 cute lil Rilakkumas in outfits so bad that I kept trying & juz fail lor . Epic phail only sad die . But th last try .... Gosh Jacquelyn can rly feel my pain man . SO CLOSE . To either winning a Rilakkuma head + keychain/4 cute lil Rilakkumas . Sway ! Ga ! Lao ! Sai ! Only !!!!! UGH !!! I was literally jumping in frustration becuz it's rly that kinda feeling which makes you wna tug your own hair & screaaaaam T_T
So we caught Grown Ups that day ................. Show's fine , not super funny or too boring . I think Vampires Suck is like more -__- Disappointment lor , only th trailer was rly funny . O well , I guess I should KO soon . My eyes are tired . Till next time .. When I use my computer again .